A.K. for Pets – Leading link between the European pet supply industry and European retail chains


A.K. for Pets is the leading link between the pet supply industry and European retail chains. With more than three decades of experience in the import and export of quality pet supplies, A.K. for Pets stands for quality, innovation and continuity and is the go-to partner for a large assortment in pet supplies.


Family values

The Dutch-based company is a family business, founded by Ad Kluit. Over 30 years of experience in the pet supply industry, A.K. for Pets is nowadays led by the new generation. Carrying on the core values of being a strong, trustworthy and connecting party to the European pet supply industry.

All through Europe

Clients from A.K. for Pets vary from retail chains, the bigger pet shops, garden centers to wholesale distributors for pet supplies all through Europe.

The company is specialized in wooden pet housing and cat scratchers, in addition to importing a wide product range of pet supplies for dogs, cats, rodents and birds. A.K. for Pets is also the exclusive agent of several high-quality brands for the Dutch and European market.

Flexible partner

Quality, innovation and continuity being the key components of A.K. for Pets, the company visits every supplier. So its customers are guaranteed a reliable partner and good price-quality ratio. Having its own warehouse facilities, A.K. for Pets can guarantee fast delivery.

Not dependent on intermediary, third parties, A.K. for Pets is extremely flexible and can react quickly to changing customer demands. Making the company the go-to party when looking for something specific.

Additional services

Being the leading link between the pet supply industry and European retail chains, the service of A.K. for Pets doesn’t stop at import and export. The company can also provide additional services like the development of exclusive in-house brands or brand representation for the Dutch and European market.